Friday, July 26, 2013

The Mortgage Process Starts.....NOW

After signing the Purchase Agreement we had to leave the next day. On July 11 we got a call from Our NVR Loan Officer to go over the loan interview and all the paperwork that she needed from us to for a VA loan. She also told us she was going to send us a packet of info that we needed to complete the loan to get the ball rolling. After a week and no package we decided to call her and we found out it was a mix up with the address and UPS so we didn't receive the package until July 24. So we completed everything and mailed on July 25 (sent overnight) on July 26 at 9:15am she emailed us that she had received our paperwork. Also she emailed us later in that day a budget letter to fill out. Now the waiting part begins.............

OAN.....We also got a call from RUG RITE  and Guardian to set up appointments we manage to schedule those on the same day Aug 2 being that we don't live in NC yet that was a big PLUS!!!!

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