Friday, August 30, 2013



July 8: Signed Purchase Agreement

July 11: Phone interview with NVR Loan Officer

July 24: Received loan packet from LO

July 25: Overnight loan packet back to LO

August 2: Rite Rug and Guardian

September 9:  Pre construction meeting

September 12: Broke Ground- gravel on lot

September 19: Plumbing, Forms and Lumber delivered

October 1: Foundation Completed

October 7-10: Framing

October 16: Plumbing and HVAC rough in completed

October 17: Electrical

October 21: Drywall (Started)  

October 24: Received Final walk thru (12-4) and CLOSING (12-11)

October 25: Locked in Rate

October 31: Drywall (according to the PM)

November 5: Approval and Appraisal

November 8: Siding (started) and Cabinets installed

November 9: Siding Completed

November 11: New Settlement Date (12-5)

November 18: Stone and Granite Countertops installed

November 25:  Prep the yard for Sod to get installed

December 4: Final walk thru completed

December 5: CLOSED 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Decisions to make..

We had our Flooring Appointment with RITE Rug it went pretty good since I'm the one that's always second guessing and worrying about everything. It actually went rather well..we chose laminate (Bronzed Jatoba) for most of our first floor. Carpet level 1 upgrade (Shaw- Sarah Buff) for study, family room, dinning room and zone 2 with the upgraded padding in the just the family room. Both

Bathroom floors will be tile. Laundry room will be vinyl. I left the Guardian totally up to the hubby. We got the upgraded security system package and the 5.1 Surround Speaker System for the Family Room.

After the appointment we decided to go by our lot and through the model home again we talked to our wonderful Sales Rep and she informed us that our LO is no longer with the company. She wasn't sure who actually had our loan being her paperwork had to get spilt up among two other LO but she gave us the name of two people that would be contacting us as our new LO. It took a few days and our wonderful sales rep emailed them both and about two days later they followed up with us.

                     Owners bath surrounded tile with maple spice cabinet with double sinks (white)

Ceramic tile for kids bathroom with Maple Spice Cabinet with double sinks (white )

                             Bronzed Jatoba Laminate flooring with Collinsville Sahara Buff Carpet

                                 Owners Bath Tile with Master bedroom Carpet- Sahara Buff

                                      Kids Bathroom floor with hall way carpet- Sahara Buff

     Kitchen: Bronzed Jatoba Laminate flooring Maple Spice Cabinet and St. Cecilia granite counter tops
                                                      Laundry room Vinyl