Friday, August 30, 2013



July 8: Signed Purchase Agreement

July 11: Phone interview with NVR Loan Officer

July 24: Received loan packet from LO

July 25: Overnight loan packet back to LO

August 2: Rite Rug and Guardian

September 9:  Pre construction meeting

September 12: Broke Ground- gravel on lot

September 19: Plumbing, Forms and Lumber delivered

October 1: Foundation Completed

October 7-10: Framing

October 16: Plumbing and HVAC rough in completed

October 17: Electrical

October 21: Drywall (Started)  

October 24: Received Final walk thru (12-4) and CLOSING (12-11)

October 25: Locked in Rate

October 31: Drywall (according to the PM)

November 5: Approval and Appraisal

November 8: Siding (started) and Cabinets installed

November 9: Siding Completed

November 11: New Settlement Date (12-5)

November 18: Stone and Granite Countertops installed

November 25:  Prep the yard for Sod to get installed

December 4: Final walk thru completed

December 5: CLOSED 

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