Sunday, November 3, 2013

Drywall and fireplace

We have drywall up and another one of my fav's the FIREPLACE!!! Masons are in the community now laying brick. So hopefully brick around the foundation and siding should start this week. 

Living room & Dining room

Family room


Kitchen/Morning room

Morning room & Back yard 

Master Bath


  1. Congratulations on the fireplace! I didn't get the fireplace...I had one in the last house that I rented, and in the 3 years that we lived there, I only turned it on once or Your house is coming along nicely and a lot will be done in these next 2 weeks so get ready :-)

  2. Thank you...Lol I know what you mean.. We are here in Texas and we don't use it that often here either. I Hope We get use it more in NC on those cold winter nights..

    1. Yes, it's definitely a change in climates, but NC isn't THAT bad---I just came from Minnesota--NOW THAT'S COLD!

      So will y'all be making any visits to the house or are y’all going to wait for the final walk thru? Also, are you guys hiring a moving company or moving yourselves?

      It's crazy...I had plans to move to Texas when my husband retired from the military for about 7 years. I always thought that we could get a lot (house wise) for our money there. I never dreamed that we'd pitch our tent in North Carolina---but I'm glad we are. I knew he didn't want to be that far from his mom and I wouldn't either if my mother was still alive. So NC it is...this way we will be close to family...but not too close. LOL.

      What made y'all choose NC?

  3. Wow... Minnesota..i agree thats got to be colddd. We will probably visit the house a few days prior to final walk thru. I wish we lived closer because I definitly would be stalking it but in the mean time i just stalk everyones We probably will be moving our stuff being that we can't find a reasonable moving company.

    My husband is retired military too. He is currently working as a government contractor. The company was originally based out of Texas so thats why we moved out here. We've been out here for almost 5 years.I am originally from Virginia. All my family live there and my husband is from New York but his parents/relatives live in SC So thats why we chose NC because its between our family.

    1. Oh okay, well my husband still had 18 months before he can retire so we will be living apart until then. I'm not looking forward to that at all since we've always been together, but we couldn't see another way to make the transition. Plus, my career is going nowhere fast here in Jacksonville. So the plan is for me and the kids to move up to Charlotte in the house and he will come home every other weekend and holidays. That way I can get established career wise so he can feel a little more secure about getting out when the time comes.
      Anyway, best wishes to you I hope the move goes smoothly (I'm sure it will). Maybe I'll see you around... (I'm only a few blocks away :-) )

  4. Thanks You .. My husband spends most of his time on the road as well (about 80 percent). But we still make our time during weekends and holidays too. I would definitely like for us to link up after we both get settled in.