Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Problems and more problems

Only 8 days til closing and we are dealing with  B.S. from NVR. Last week after they pulled credit a old school loan showed up. Everyone kept saying it must be paid. It took us a couple of days but after seeking family members we were able to get it paid. Now NVR wants to source the funds well only problem it was cash on hand. Not told this before hand we coulda gotten them to deposit the cash into their account and then just write us a check. As of now we are unsure what the outcome of this situation will be. We really need prayers....this will be a huge disappointment for our family if we are denied because of this.


  1. I'm sorry you are going through this. They should have been clear about documenting the source of the funds when telling you that the loan must be paid. I hope that you are not denied!

  2. Thank you..Im just livid right now..We are already in the process of moving and have already withdrew the kids from school and all....This is just a BIG MESS

  3. Try not to worry too much. Remember that NVR is a part of Ryan so they want you to close just as much as you do. The process might be a little delayed but I believe everything will work out in the end. They just have to make sure you didn't take out a loan somewhere in order to pay off the other loan...just ensure you didn't transfer the debt to another place. And yes, they should have made sure you were well aware of that from the beginning. I'm sure they gave you paperwork stating that, but they should have verbally told you as well.

    I'll remember you in my prayers :-)

    1. Thank you Nicole for your words of encouragement. I really hope things work out soon.